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Amazen Grace (Soults, 5/75)
Ballet Anna (Fischer, 12/77)
Apache Rose photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Artic Frost photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Artic Frost (Close-Up) photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Ballet Taffy from my plant room
Blue Border (Rienhardt)
Buckeye Dimestore Novel (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Buttercup (Baker)
Cameo Queen (Eyerdom, 7/76)
Candy Cane (Eyerdom)
Caterpiller (R. Robinson) touches of Green and pink
Centennial Thunder (Tinari, 1/92)
Cherry Vanilla
Dean's Bashful (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Rob's Double Whammy (R.Robinson, 3/94) from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Close-UP of My Double Whammy
Evergreens Shady Lady (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Favorite Child (Cox/B.Johnson, 2/92)
Close-Up of My Favorite Child
Frosted Whisper (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Grandmother's Halo (J. Domiano, 10/85)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Honey Puff (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Iceberg From My Plant Room
Rob's Iridium Queen (R.Robinson, 7/92)
Irish Halo - from my Plant Room
Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Juliana Rhap. (Holtkamp, 11/88)
Lyons Finger Paints photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Mighty Fine (B. Johnson, 6/93)
Morning Thunder (S. Sorano, 11/87)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Nortex's Snowkist Haven (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
On Edge (Applegate, 2/85)
Optimara Arapaho (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Optimara Atlanta (Holtkamp, 1987)
Optimara Evergrace
Optimara Glacier (Holtkamp, 5/87)
Optimara Kazuko (from the Violets4Sale)
Optimara Little Crystal (from the Denise's Photo Page)
Orchard's Night Light (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Orchard's Night Light a different one (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Party Frills (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Pen 'n Ink (Ness) - from My Plant Room
Rob's Bunny Wabbit (R.Robinson) from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Rob's Cloudy Skies (R.Robinson) - from My Plant Room
Rob's Cool Fruit (from the Violets4Sale)
Rob's Ice Ripples - from My Plant Room
Rob's Neat Nellie (R.Robinson) from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Rob's Penny Ante (R.Robinson)from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Rob's Smoke Rings (R.Robinson)from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Shirl's White Angel (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Siberian Moon (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Sigma Kappa (H. Pittman, 5/93)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Silver Cloud (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Snow Leopard photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Snow Squall (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Snuggles Snow Baby (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Starshine (Eyerdom, 10/72)
Tommy Lou (Oden, 10/67)
Ultra Violet Meteor (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Ultra Violet Twinkle (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Whipped Topping from my plant room
Winter Ice
White Lace from my plant room
Wranglers Winter Laughter (from the Denise's Photo Page)
Chimeras Blues Greens Lavenders Pinks Purples
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