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(Ivory, Coral, Peach, Fuchsia, Fantasy, etc)

Buckeye Easy Goer Coral/Pink (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Blushing Ivory from my plant room
Blushing Ivory (S. Sorano, 10/93)
Blusing Ivory photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Chiffon Marguerite - Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Coral Embers
Coral Kiss (Sorano, 11/87)
Coral Kitty from my Plant Room
CoraLaire (Eyerdom, 10/79)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Decelles' Coralia (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Fantasy Royal (Eyerdom, 8/83)
Hawaiian Pearl (from the Denise's Photo Page)
Hawaiian Pearl (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Kissaway (a trailer) fuchsia color (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Lavender Lace (Eyerdom, 8/84)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Ness Coral Sunset (from the Denise's Photo Page)
Ness Orange Pekoe (from the Denise's Photo Page)
Ode to Beauty - from my Plant Room
Ode to Beauty (from the Denise's Photo Page)
Ode to Beauty (Cox/Johnson, 2/92)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Ode to Beauty (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Passion Purfect (S. Sorano, 11/91)- Supplied from: Bluebird Greenhouse
Petite Ruby (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Raspberries-n-Cream (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Rob's Little Pueblo (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Silverglade Pennies (from the Violets4Sale)
Summer Coral
Tula from My Plant Room
Chimeras Blues Greens Lavenders Pinks Purples
Reds Whites Yellows Others Un-named Miscs