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Concord - from My Plant Room
Concord (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Emerald Love Sport (Sawara)
A Better Blooming Photo of Emerald Love Sport
Emerald City - from My Plant Room
Emiko (Eyerdom, 1/89)
Fairy Fireworks (Applegate, 2/85)
Kilauea (Eyerdom, 1/88)
King David - from My Plant Room
King David(another view) - from My Plant Room
Kiwi Dazzle (Snell, 1/85)
Kiwi Dazzler photo by M. Glen Kertz - Planet Society
Mauna Loa (Eyerdom, 6/83)
Neptunes Jewels From My Plant Room
Pony Ride (a trailer) (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Royal Dazzler (from Marjorie's Photo Album)
Silver Summit (Eyerdom, 8/82)
Suncoast Peppermint Kathy (S. Williams)
Rob's Fe Fi from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Rob's Fo Fum from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Rob's Hand Puppet from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
Rob's Swizzle Stick from Rob's Min-o-Let Violets
'My' REVERSE Chimera of Swizzle Stick
The Alps (from the Denise's Photo Page)

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