THRIPS and the African Violets

If you grow African Violets you have either: Had Thrips, Have Thrips, or Will have Thrips

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The come into your house on new plants, on your clothes, on your pets, through your windows!

What do Thrips look like?

Currently about 5500 thrips species are described worldwide
So your Thrips may look slightly different than the one above

Warning signs of Thrips

If you see spilled pollen on leaves there's a good chance it from Thrips

The Blue Thrips Sticky trap!

These also catch fungus gnats

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Natural controls:
Try Sundew or Butterworts plants

Chemicals to control Thrips:
Pyola, Neem, Orthene, Avid, Conserve, Diazinon, Sevin, Malathion,
Methoxychlor, Marathon, Insecticidal soap

Conserve and Avid are two of the strongest Thrips control you can buy but both are expensive.

Ssearch for: Conserve Naturalyte on ebay for a cheaper option that works very well.

RID I'm told also works well to eradicate thrips
Just mix 1/2 tsp. RID per 1 quart warm water and spray then every 5-7 days for 3 weeks.

"Neem" works OK for Thrips, but not as good as Conserve does.
Plus I think it smells better than other chemical controls, kind of a lemon smell

"Pyola" is from Gardens Alive
It's "Canola oil with pyrethrins", and works great for Thrips and Mites
Destroys all stages of an insect's life cycle -- from eggs to adults!
Has a residual repellent effect on mites and other insects
Uses only vegetable derivatives, not strong-smelling petroleum distillates
Does not persist for long periods in the environment
Contains no piperonyl butoxide
Best of all, there is little or NO SMELL

You can try dog/cat flea collars , stretch them to activate,
cut them up into 1 to 2 inch strips, and put them right on top of the soil under the leaves.

I've heard that "Systemics" like Orthene do not work for thrips

My approach to Thrips are the blue sticky traps (see above) and the Safer Soaps

I have in the past used Orthene and Malathion, but they do smell bad
ALSO you will NEVER get rid of all of your Thrips if you do not remove ALL(100%) of your blooms

Be sure to read a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on a chemical before using it.
Goto Google and enter the chemical name and MSDS to find the MSDS on that chemical.
It's a good item to print out a copy of the MSDS for ANY chemicals that you are using on your plants

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