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I own the copyright on all of the photographs in the For-sale section,
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You are welcome to copy any of my photos for non-commercial use only / non-auction, use provided that you follow these rules:

  • Permission must be asked for use of ANY of my photos.

  • My photos may NOT be used for any commerical use or personal gains of any type (Ex: Ebay)

  • You must let me know your URL and which pictures you want to use.

  • ALL photos may NEVER be edited in any way: framing, cropping, resizing, etc

  • ALL Copyright notices in photos must remain intact in the photo

  • Photo credits need to be posted by/under/next to EACH photo:

  • Photo may NOT BE LINKED from my web page. I pay for my bandwidth.

  • A link must be added to my web page:

  • A banner to my page must be displayed on your links page, or elsewhere on your page.

  • Copyright for all images will be retained by me.

All commercial use
of my photographs is strictly forbidden without my prior written permission. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • You may not use these photos on any commercial website.

  • You may not use these photos to sale African violets on your own web page or Ebay

  • You may not sell reproductions of these photos in any form.

  • You may not mirror the this site (or any other site that uses these photos) for distribution on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or any other physical medium.

  • You may not use these photos in any book, magazine, newspaper, newsletter, calendar, advertisement, or brochure.

To purchase a license for commercial use of my photos, please contact me via e-mail at .

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