African Violet Leaves For-Sale

To Order goto the ONLINE STORE


Shipping Season: mid/late April - Mid Sept
I live in Spokane, WA and we have very COLD Winters

Supplies are shipped all year long

To Order goto the ONLINE STORE

Also a few substitutes are helpful in case I can't supply something you wanted.
If you do not list a substitute and one is needed, I will email you for a replacement.

I try to ship all leaf orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays

Each leaf varieties are wrapped and labeled separately

I do not sell plants, sorry
When I do have a few extra plants, I sell them on Ebay

I ship ONLY within the USA

Each Leaf has a 14 day guarantee!
If a leaf dies within 14 days of shipping
And you followed my leaf starting directions
I will be happy to replace that leaf for free*,
(you pay shipping only)
(* I will replace the leaf one time only for free)
I also do not replace leaves that where sent as a Bonus/Free
I do not replace leaves for non-blooming plants
I do not replace leaves from plants that do not bloom correctly/(sport)

Feedback and Comments from past orders

Some varieties were in very heavy demand and my not be available
They are marked as: SOLD OUT


I trade One-for-One
the Sender pays for shipping (Priority US Mail)
Each leaf must be individually wrapped and labelled


Anything with Green Blooms
Purple leaf variegations

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Images my not be used on ANY other web site without Permission,
Full Credit Given and Web Link to my site

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