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Growing to Show

Growing to Show : How to Grow Prize Winning African Violets
by Pauline Bartholomew
This is a MUST HAVE for any African Violet grower
It doesn't matter if you are growing for a show
or just for the beauty of the African Violets
One of the BEST Books you can get

African Violets : Gifts from Nature
by Melvin J. Robey
This is a very good book, but exspensive.

Here are a few of my older African Violet books

This SUNSET book was in it's 4th edition in 1971
B/W Photos (80 pages)

This is an HPBook from 1983 by Theodore James, Jr.
Includes "100 popular" varieties
Many Optimara photos
Nice color Photos (144 pages)

An Ortho Book from 1985 (96 pages)
Nice Color Photos

Insect and Mite Pests of African Violets
By Charles Cole - 1994
(30 pages)

By Helen Van Pelt Wilson 1948/49
The 6th printing was in 1949 - (198 pages)

All About African Violets by Montague Free
1953 and 250 pages

1001 African Violet Questions Answered by Twelve Experts
1958 and 371 pages
This books appears to be very hard to find

All About African Violets by Montague Free
REVISED and Expanded by Charles Marden Fitch
1979 release - 255 pages

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