African Violet Videos and Tutorials

Here are a few videos I created on starting and repotting your African Violets.
Please note these were created with a digital camera, so the quality is not perfect.

Video #1:

How to start an African Violet from a leaf cutting.


Video #2:

How to start an African Violet from a leaf cutting - Rivised
This is another video like Video #1, BUT with a little better video quality this time.

Video #3:

How to "Rejuvenate" an African Violet.
This will show you what to do with an African violet that has grown out of control,
and has developed a long neck. Updated with information on how to remove
the crusty stuff from the neck before planting.

Video #4:

How to "RESTART" an African Violet.
Here's how to restart an African Violet with a very long neck.


Video #5:

How to produce suckers from an African Violet.
This is an easy way to propagate chimera's by forcing suckers

Chimera pronounced differently depending on who you ask:
Ky MEER ah, kie-MEER-ah, kih-MEE-ra, ki-meera, Ky-mir-a, ka-mehra, kai-mare-ah

If you have an idea for other videos or something you want me show or explain, then please email me the idea.

If you are unable to view the videos you may have to answer YES to the Security Warning about the ActiveX content.

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