My Mix/Starting a Leaf

Updated 7-5-03


I use a simple and light mix, because of my watering methods
I start with the Whitney Farms African Violet mix and add Perlite and Vermiculite

Four parts Whitney Farm Mix
Four Parts Perlite
Three Parts Vermiculite
a little charcoal
And I add a tablespoon or less of Dolomite Lime

I mix this OUTSIDE because of the dust particles

Start a Leaf

Text to print out:
How to Start a Leaf

I use small and inexpensive 3 or 4 oz plastic cups (K-mart, Shopko, etc. sells these)
I stack about 8 on top of each other and drill a hole down the middle
Use a sharpie pen and write the name and date on the outside of the cups

Break or cut a leaf out of the plant you want to propagate
Try to use a leaf about from the middle row

Use a sharp knife or razor blade and make an angle cut
Try to leave about one inch of stem on the leaf

Now fill your cup with your african violet mix
Place your cut leaf in at an angle and water

I place about 30-31 cups into each try under lights
I now water from the top when the cups feel light when lifting
(You can easily tell a cup that has water still or one that needs to be watered from the weight)
You can also add a layer of Perlite at the bottom of each cup
This will help in reducing over watering and root rot
I water about once ever 7-10 days

I use this watering methods for most of my SEMI-MINI violets
This greatly increase the humidity without using pebble trays
(I am now using 'Wick Watering' for most Standards)
But NOTE, I do let the soil dry out a little before watering again
I just touch the top of the soil and if it still feels wet I do NOT water
If the soil is dry, I then touch the leaf and if it's still hard I will wait a day or two and water
I can also tell from the pot's weight if the plant needs to be watered or not
Try lifting the pots and if it's heavy, do not water
But if it feels light, then you need to water
You will get the feel for this quickly

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