The Disease and Culture Problems of the African Violets

Botrytis Blight
Appears as Brown spots or blotches on Leaves and sometimes stems or flowers.
Under Himid conditions the infected part may be covered with 'Fuzzy' growth


Remove all diseased and dead plant material,
especially flowers, avoid getting the flowers and foliage wet, provide better air circulation

Crown and Root Rot
Leaves are Dull looking, and those in the center turn dark green and then black.
This Rapidly spreads outwards until the whole plant is DEAD!!
Another picture of Crown Rot!


No known treatment for this fungus, Discard the plant, the soil and pot if was in. Wash hands thoroughly.

Low Light - Plants will not flower. New growth is weak and spindly.


Move plants to brighter area, Use fluorescent lights on timer, with about 12-14 hours of light a day.

Powdery Mildew
White or Grey powdery patches on leaves, stems buds or flowers.
The affected plant may turn yellow or brown and shrivel up and die.


Stray with a Fungicide and provide better air circulation.
Phyton 27 will quick cure this problem
Or for something more organic try:
Warming up some milk in the microwave and spray on the mildew

also called 'Leaf Scorch' - Dead Brown patches develop on leaves exposed to direct sunlight.
Damage is worst is plant is allowed to dry out.


Move Plant away from sunlight, Use fluorescent lights instead. Keep plant watered

Salt Damage
Tips of leaves turn brown and die. Older leaves are affected more so.

SOLUTIONS: Leach excess salts from the soil by top flushing the plant/pot with water.

Foliage is streaked, Mottled or spotted.
Flowers are sometimes streaked or mottled.


No control, Destroy infected plant, so if will not spread

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