African Violet Articles online

African Violet Habitat in Kenya

African Violets, the Perfect Plant Pet

African Violet Tom

African Violets: When Small is Beautiful

Basement Beauties

Biologist works to save the violets

African Violet Commercial Greenhouse Production

Company has international presence Breeding violets

Cultivate violets with common sense

Flower lovers are anything but blue about African violets

Give African violets the care they crave

Got Mildew? Get Milk

Guide to Chimera African Violets Propagation with Keikigrow

Happy Trails

Have No Fear Of African Violets

Here are the cures for what ails your African violets

Martha Stewart and Paul Sorano on African Violets

Micropropagation of Chimera African Violets

Nashville African violet grower is one of best in field (Optimara)

Neem Oil: Facts and Practical Experiences

Plant Lore: The African Violet and Impatiens

Raise African violets and see nostalgia bloom

The Real Dirt: All About African Violets

Saintpaulia: Taxonomy, Ecology and Distribution
by Dr. Jeff Smith

UREA In Our Fertilizer
by Nancy Robitaille

Variety and versatility

The Wizard of Wasps & Unusual Hybrids!

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